Lakes in Europe

1125 Lakes in Europe

Lake GenevaSwitzerland,France

Lake Geneva (also known as Lac Léman) is one of the largest lakes in Western Europe and the largest body of water in Switzerland. Geography Lake Geneva, of glacial ... Read more

Lake BrienzSwitzerland

Lake Brienz (or Brienzersee) is a lake located in central Switzerland in the canton of Berne, North of the Alps. The lake has a surface area of approximately 30 square kilometers ... Read more

Lake SkadarAlbania,Montenegro

Lake Skadar, also known as Lake Scutari, Shkoder, or Shkodra, is the largest lake on the Balkan Peninsula. The lake lies on the border of Macedoni and Albania, and has one of the ... Read more

Lake OhridMacedonia,Albania

Lake Ohrid is believed to be the oldest continuously existing lake in Europe, some three to five million years old. It is also on of the deepest lakes on the continent, with a ... Read more

Lake Hornavan is located in the Northern part of Sweden, in the Arjeplog Municipality in the province of Swedish Lapland, which is administratively known as Norbotten County. It is ... Read more

Tisnaren is a lake in the Finspångs, Katrineholms and Vingåkers municipalities in Sweden, on the border between Östergötland County and Södermanland ... Read more

Lake Ladoga, located in the North-Western part of Russia, is the largest lake in Europe, the 15th largest freshwater lake by surface area in the world and the 14th largest by ... Read more

Lake Onega, also known as Onego (in Russian: Oniézhskoye Ozero; in Finnish : Ääninen or Äänisjärvi) is a large lake in the northwestern part of ... Read more

Kuybyshevskoye or Kuybyshev Reservoir, located in the middle of the Volga and lower Kama region of Russia, is the largest reservoir in Europe, and the third ... Read more

Hornindalsvatnet is located in Norway and is the country’s and Europe’s deepest lake, with a maximum depth of 514 meters. It is also regarded as one of the clearest ... Read more