Lakes in Canada

Lakes 21 to 27 out of 27 in Canada. Lakes on this page are displayed on the map.

Stuart Lake, also known as Nak’albun, is a large lake in the Northern Interior of British Columbia, Canada, with more than 275 km of shoreline. The lake is relatively ... Read more

Ralph Bice is a lake in Ontario, Canada, located approximately 200 kilometers North of Toronto and 230 kilometers West of Ottawa, in the Algonquin Provincial Park. ... Read more

Lake Athabasca (French: lac Athabasca) is located at 59° N, in the Canadian provinces Saskatchewan and Alberta. 74% of the lake is in the former province, and 26% in the ... Read more

With a surface area of 6,527 km2, Smallwood Reservoir is the largest reservoir in Canada, and the second largest reservoir in the world by surface area. It is located on the ... Read more

Lake Winnipegosis, located in the province of Manitoba 300 kilometers North-West from Winnipeg, is Canada’s 11th largest lake. The freshwater lake lies between the ... Read more

Dubawnt Lake is located 350 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle, in the Kivalliq region, in Canada’s largest territory, Nunavut. It is one of the most secluded lakes in the ... Read more

The small Healy Lake, known by locals as Panther Lake, is located on Vancouver Island on Forbidden Plateau South of Lake Helen MacKenzie. It lies 37 kilometers ... Read more