Lakes in Canada

27 Lakes in Canada. Lakes on this page are displayed on the map.

Moraine Lake is a glacially-fed lake located in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, in Banff National Park. It is nicknamed the lake with the twenty dollar view, since it was featured on ... Read more

Chilko Lake is one of the largest lakes in the province of British Columbia, Canada, especially because of its great depth. Its main outflow, the Chilko River contains the longest ... Read more

Lake SuperiorUnited States,Canada

Lake Superior is the largest among the 5 North American Great Lakes, and the largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area. It is brimming with scenic places and national parks surround it, ... Read more

The Great Bear Lake, with a surface area of 31,153 square kilometers, is the eighth largest lake in the world by surface area, the fourth largest in North America, and the largest ... Read more

Lake Winnipeg is located on the boundary between the low-relief Inferior Plains and the southwestern Canadian Shield. It is the eleventh largest freshwater lake in the world and ... Read more

Lake HuronUnited States,Canada

Lake Huron is the world’s third largest freshwater lake by surface area, after Lake Superior and Lake Victoria. The lake is one of the 5 Great American Lakes and is located ... Read more

Nitinat Lake, located on Vancouver Island, in British Coumbia, Canada, is one of the last remaining pristine and underdeveloped places in the country. Geography and ... Read more

Cowichan Lake, located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, is one of the largest freshwater lakes on the island. The lake is a preferred recreational place for many ... Read more

Great Slave Lake is the second largest lake in the Northwest Territories of Canada after Great Bear Lake, and is the deepest lake in North America with a maximum depth of 614 ... Read more

Brohm Lake is located within a couple of hours’ drive from Northern Vancouver and merely 15 kilometers north of Squamish. The lake is relatively easy to access, since it lies ... Read more

Edwards Lake is located in British Columbia, Canada, in the Cariboo Region, approximately 220 kilometers North of Kelowna. Buffalo Lake is located less than 1 kilometer away to the ... Read more

Lake ErieUnited States,Canada

Lake Erie, located on the border of the United States of America and Canada, is the tenth largest lake in the World. It is the southernmost of the Great American Lakes, and also ... Read more

Lake OntarioUnited States,Canada

Lake Ontario is one of the 5 Great Lakes in North America, along with Lake Superior, Michigan, Huron and Erie. The lake complex is an important part of North America’s ... Read more

Reindeer Lake is the second largest lake in Saskatchewan and the 9th largest lake in Canada. 92% of its waters belong to northeastern Saskatchewan, whilst the remaining are part of ... Read more

Nettilling Lake is located in Canada’s newest, largest, and northernmost territory, Nunavut. Situated on Baffin Island, it is the World’s largest lake on an island, ... Read more

Lake Nipigon is the largest lake lying entirely within the boundaries of Ontario Province, Canada. Because of its size it is often referred to as the sixth Great Lake of North ... Read more

Lake Manitoba is the 13th largest lake in Canada, located in the province of Manitoba, which was named after the lake. It is one of the best outdoor lakes in the country, ... Read more

Williston Lake is a 251-km long and 155-km wide reservoir located in the Northern Interior of British Columbia in Canada. The lake occupies an area of 1,761 km2 and is located at ... Read more

Harrison Lake is the biggest lake in the Southern Coast Mountains, located in British Columbia, Canada. With a maximum length of 60 km and a width of 9 km, the lake has a surface ... Read more

Okanagan Lake is a 135-km long and a 5-kilometer wide lake in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada. It is a relatively deep lake, with an average depth of 76 m and a ... Read more