Lakes in Italy

9 Lakes in Italy. Lakes on this page are displayed on the map.

Lake MaggioreItaly,Switzerland

Lake Maggiore is the second largest lake in Italy by surface area (after Lake Garda) and by depth (after Lake Como). It is also the most westerly out of these three great southern ... Read more

Lake LuganoItaly,Switzerland

Lake Lugano (or Lago di Lugano) is a glacial lake located on the border between Northern Italy and Southern Switzerland, right in the middle between Lake Maggiore and Lake Como. It ... Read more

Lake Iseo is the fourth largest in Lombardy. Even though it is not as famous as its larger siblings, Como, Maggiore and Garda, it is still a very beautiful ... Read more

Lake Bracciano is a favored holiday place for Romans, located merely 32 kilometers northwest of Rome, in the Lazio region. It is an unspoiled place with a mixture of interesting ... Read more

Only 20 kilometers South of Rome a solitary peak rises from the middle of the plains Campagna di Roma. This volcanic peak is Monte Cano, also known as Monte Albano, has a height of 956 ... Read more

Lake Bolsena is the largest volcanic crater lake and the 5th largest lake in Italy. It is sometimes called Italy’s bellybutton because of its location and oval ... Read more

Lake Braies is a small alpine lake in the Braies Valley, part of the Parco Naturale Fares-Sennes-Braies, located at the foot of the imposing rock wall of Croda del Becco. It is ... Read more

Lake Como is the third largest lake in Italy by surface area, and widely considered one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe. Its depth of 425 meters (1,394 feet), makes it the ... Read more

Lake Garda is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Italy and is the largest lake in the country, located in the provinces of Trentino, Brescia and ... Read more