Lakes in Japan

4 Lakes in Japan. Lakes on this page are displayed on the map.

Lake Akan (Akan-ko), probably the most famous Japanese lake, is found in the North-Eastern part of Hokkaido Island, in a caldera-type volcanic crater which is guarded by 2 volcanic ... Read more

Lake Shikotsu is the second deepest lake in Japan after Lake Tazawa, and the 8th largest in the country by surface area. It is located in Chitose, on the island of Hokkaido, and it ... Read more

Lake Mashu is an endorheic crater lake located in Akan National Park on the island of Hokkaido in Japan. It is mostly known for its exceptional clarity, and is often referred to as ... Read more

Lake Biwa is the largest freshwater lake in Japan, located northeast from the former capital city of Kyoto, in Shiga Prefecture. Hydrology and ... Read more