Lakes in Russia

10 Lakes in Russia. Lakes on this page are displayed on the map.

Caspian SeaAzerbaijan,Iran,Kazakhstan,Russia,Turkmenistan

The Caspian Sea is, by standard definition, the largest lake on Earth. It is the largest enclosed inland body of water, and thus sometimes referred to as a ... Read more

Lake Baikal is nothing short than a natural wonder. It is the deepest, oldest and largest freshwater lake by volume, containing one fifth of the world’s fresh ... Read more

Lake Ladoga, located in the North-Western part of Russia, is the largest lake in Europe, the 15th largest freshwater lake by surface area in the world and the 14th largest by ... Read more

Lake Onega, also known as Onego (in Russian: Oniézhskoye Ozero; in Finnish : Ääninen or Äänisjärvi) is a large lake in the northwestern part of ... Read more

Bratsk Reservoir is an artificial lake on the upper part of the Angara River, located in the Irkutsk Oblast of Russia. Geographic Facts The reservoir is ... Read more

Kuybyshevskoye or Kuybyshev Reservoir, located in the middle of the Volga and lower Kama region of Russia, is the largest reservoir in Europe, and the third ... Read more

Lake KhankaChina,Russia

Lake Khanka is the largest freshwater lake in the Far East of Russia, with 72% of it located in Russia, while the remaining 28% belongs to China. It is also the largest lake in ... Read more

Lake PeipusRussia,Estonia

Lake Peipus is the largest trans-boundary lake in Europe, situated on the border between Estonia and Russia. The freshwater lake occupies 3.6% of the total area of the Baltic Sea ... Read more

Uvs LakeMongolia,Russia

Uvs Lake is the largest lake in Mongolia by surface area, and also the largest saline lake in the country. The lake area is one of the most important biodiversity poles in ... Read more

Lake Taymyr is the second largest lake after Lake Baikal in the Asian part of Russia, located in the central regions of the Taymyr Peninsula. It is located South off the Byrranga ... Read more