Lakes in Sweden

4 Lakes in Sweden. Lakes on this page are displayed on the map.

Lake Hornavan is located in the Northern part of Sweden, in the Arjeplog Municipality in the province of Swedish Lapland, which is administratively known as Norbotten County. It is ... Read more

Tisnaren is a lake in the Finspångs, Katrineholms and Vingåkers municipalities in Sweden, on the border between Östergötland County and Södermanland ... Read more

Lake Vanern is the third largest lake located entirely in Europe after lakes Ladoga and Onega, both located in Russia. It is the largest lake in Sweden and in the European ... Read more

Lake Vattern is the second largest lake in Sweden after Lake Vanern, and it is the fifth largest lake in Europe. The lake is only 1/3rd of Lake Vanern’s surface and it is ... Read more