Lakes in Switzerland

147 Lakes in Switzerland

Lake GenevaSwitzerland,France

Lake Geneva (also known as Lac Léman) is one of the largest lakes in Western Europe and the largest body of water in Switzerland. Geography Lake Geneva, of glacial ... Read more

Lake BrienzSwitzerland

Lake Brienz (or Brienzersee) is a lake located in central Switzerland in the canton of Berne, North of the Alps. The lake has a surface area of approximately 30 square kilometers ... Read more

Lake MaggioreItaly,Switzerland

Lake Maggiore is the second largest lake in Italy by surface area (after Lake Garda) and by depth (after Lake Como). It is also the most westerly out of these three great southern ... Read more

Lake ConstanceAustria,Germany,Switzerland

Lake Constance (in German, Bodensee) is the third largest lake in Central Europe after Lake Balaton and Lake Geneva. Since it was formed by the Rhine Glacier during the Ice Age, it ... Read more

Lake LuganoItaly,Switzerland

Lake Lugano (or Lago di Lugano) is a glacial lake located on the border between Northern Italy and Southern Switzerland, right in the middle between Lake Maggiore and Lake Como. It ... Read more

Lake LucerneSwitzerland

The star-shaped Lake Lucerne, often called the “heart of Switzerland” because of its central position, is the 4th largest lake in the ... Read more

Lake NeuchatelSwitzerland

Lake Neuchatel is the largest lake entirely in Switzerland, located mainly in the canton with the same name, and also shared by Vaud, Fribbourg and Bern. It is the 59th largest ... Read more

Lake ZürichSwitzerland

Lake Zürich is located southeast of the city with the same name, which is the most important financial, industrial and communication center in ... Read more

Lake ZugSwitzerland

Lake Zug is a natural lake that covers a surface area of 38 km2 (15 mi2), has an average depth of 31 meters (101 feet), and reaches a maximum depth of 197 meters (647 feet). Lake ... Read more

Lago di LeiItaly,Switzerland

Lago di Lei is a reservoir lake that covers a surface area of 2 km2 (0.7 mi2), has an average depth of 110 meters (361 feet), and reaches a maximum depth of 133 meters (437 feet). ... Read more