Lakes in Zambia

3 Lakes in Zambia. Lakes on this page are displayed on the map.

Lake TanganyikaTanzania,DR Congo,Burundi,Zambia

Lake Tanganyika is one of the African Great Lakes. With a depth of 1,470 meters (4,820 feet), it is the second deepest lake in the world, after Lake Baikal. ... Read more

Lake KaribaZimbabwe,Zambia

Boasting 180 km3 of freshwater, Lake Kariba, located on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, is the largest reservoir in the world by volume. The hydroelectric power plant on Kariba dam is of ... Read more

Lake MweruZambia,DR Congo

Lake Mweru is a natural freshwater lake, part of the rift valley lakes, located between Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is the second largest lake in the Congo ... Read more