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Lake Arpi, Armenia

lakeLake Arpi
surface area15 km2
average depth6 m
lake typeSaline, natural
catchment area224 km2
altitude2,022 m
volume0.08 km3
outflowsAkhurian River
shore length20 km
residence time1,056 days
average discharge0.92 m3 / sec.

Lake Arpi Information and Facts

Lake Arpi is a lake located in the northwestern part of Armenia, in the Shirak Province, near the border with Georgia and Turkey.

The lake is the second largest in Armenia after Lake Sevan and is a Ramsar wetland, which was established on July 6th, 1993. The Lake Arpi National Park was established around the lake in 2009 in order to protect the area’s unique biodiversity.

The lake sits at an altitude of 2,023 meters, and has a surface area of 22 square kilometers. It is mainly used for hydroelectric power production and irrigation. The lake, which is fed by 4 streams and meltwater, is the source of the spectacular Akhurian River, 186 kilometers in length.

The area around the lake is surrounded by mountain steppes, subalpine and alpine meadows, other smaller lakes and wetlands, and is very rich in flora and fauna.  More than 100 species of birds have been observed here, among which the Armenian Gull, the Dalmatian Pelican, hawks, etc.

Main recreational activities in and around the lake include sport fishing, bird watching, botanical tours, horse riding, camping, walking, etc.