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Lake Brunner, New Zealand

lakeLake Brunner
countryNew Zealand
surface area40 km2
maximum depth109 m
average depth29 m
lake typeNatural, dammed
catchment area442 km2
altitude87 m
volume1 km3
outflowsArnold River
shore length38 km
residence time327 days
average discharge41 m3 / sec.

Lake Brunner Information and Facts

Lake Brunner is a natural, dammed lake that covers a surface area of 40 km2 (16 mi2), has an average depth of 29 meters (95 feet), and reaches a maximum depth of 109 meters (358 feet). Lake Brunner boasts a total water volume of 1 km3 (922,593 acre-feet), and has a total shore line of 38 kilometers (24 miles). The lake, which sits at an elevation of 87 meters (286 feet), drains a whatershed that covers 442 km2 (171 mi2) and has a residence time of 327 days (0.89 years). The lake is drained by Arnold River. The most important settlement on the shores of Lake Brunner is Moana.

Lake Brunner Fish Species

Brown trout