Carlyle Lake, Illinois

Carlyle Lake Stats

Lake NameCarlyle Lake
CountryUnited States
Surface area90.940
Maximum depth10.7
Average depth5.7
Lake typeReservoir
Catchment area7000.00
InflowsKaskaskia River, North Fork
OutflowsKaskaskia River
Shore length95.97
SettlementsCarlyle, Keyesport
Residence time101.9
Average discharge58.479

Carlyle Lake Map

Carlyle Lake Reviews

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Dan Stinnett – 2022-02-07 18:12:22

I live there. It's a 30 foot deep mud puddle, at that is the deepest point. When we are in drought you can walk across most of it. And it's Carlyle Lake, not Lake Carlyle. Maybe in some resource it's officially listed as Lake first but for everyone within 50 miles of it we call it Carlyle Lake.