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Edwards Lake: Cariboo, British Columbia

lakeEdwards Lake
surface area2 km2
average depth6 m
lake typeNatural lake
length3 km
width0.8 km
catchment area173 km2
altitude989 m
volume0.01 km3
shore length7 km
residence time44 days
average discharge3 m3 / sec.

Edwards Lake Information and Facts

Edwards Lake is located in British Columbia, Canada, in the Cariboo Region, approximately 220 kilometers North of Kelowna. Buffalo Lake is located less than 1 kilometer away to the West. The 108 Mile Ranch residential community of 700 homes is located approximately 20 kilometers to the West of the lake. The community is served by the South Cariboo Regional Airport.

The region is known for its many lakes, some of which include Horse Lake (10 kilometers to the South of Edwards Lake), Drewry Lake (7 kilometers to the East), Canim Lake (11 kilometers to the northeast), etc. The lake is mostly used for fishing.