Panther Lake, Vancouver Island, BC

The small Healy Lake, known by locals as Panther Lake, is located on Vancouver Island on Forbidden Plateau South of Lake Helen MacKenzie. It lies 37 kilometers west of Nanaimo via the Nanaimo Lakes Road to the Branch C logging road.

Panther Lake Stats

Lake NamePanther Lake
Surface area0.120
Maximum depth6.0
Average depth5.6
Lake typeNatural
Catchment area0.60
Shore length1.89
Residence time242.4
FrozenNovember to March
Average discharge0.031

Fishing in Panther Lake

Lake Panther is home to plenty of rainbow trout, the only species that can be found here. There is a catch-and-release fly-fishing policy here. Fishing is best during the summer, peak season occurring between May and June, as well as September and October. The lake is frozen from late November until late March.

Rhododendron Lake is located 19 kilometers from Lake Panther and is abundant in rainbow and cutthroat trout.

Panther Lake Map