Lake Tisnaren, Sweden

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Tisnaren is a lake in the Finspångs, Katrineholms and Vingåkers municipalities in Sweden, on the border between Östergötland County and Södermanland County and is part of the Nyköping main basin.

Lake Tisnaren Stats

Lake NameLake Tisnaren
Surface area37.590
Maximum depth23.0
Average depth10.0
Lake typeNatural lake
Catchment area1000.50
Shore length121.20
Residence time788.1
Average discharge5.541
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Tisnaren Lake has a maximum depth of 23 meters (75 feet), has an area of 38 square kilometers and is located 44 meters above sea level . The lake is drained by the river Bokvarnsån, or Svarttorpsån (how it’s known under the local name).

The area around the lake consists of hilly and inaccessible terrain. No major resorts are located around the lake. The name of the largest island on Tisnaren is Tisenö, which has a length of approximately 1.7 kilometers and is inhabited. Lake Tisnaren is approximately 15 kilometers away from Katrineholm and 120 kilometers away from Stockholm.

Between 1910 and 1915, the Tisnare channel was built to simplify the delivery of goods to the main line station at Ändebol, located in Sörmlandsleden County between Södermanland and Östergötland.


The sub-basin of the Tisnaren Lake sits at an average altitude of 54 meters above sea level and has a surface are of around 130 square kilometers. There are 33 rivers or streams flowing into the lake, from a total area of 712 square kilometers. The water of the lake flows through a total of two rivers before reaching the sea after 85 km. The catchment area consists mostly of forest (48%) and lands used for agriculture (10%).

Lake Tisnaren Map