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Trinity Lake, California

lakeTrinity Lake
countryUnited States
surface area57 km2
maximum depth119 m
average depth47 m
lake typeReservoir
catchment area1,789 km2
altitude717 m
volume3 km3
inflowsTrinity River
outflowsTrinity River
shore length168 km
residence time744 days
dam height164 m
dam year1962
average discharge42 m3 / sec.

Trinity Lake Information and Facts

Trinity Lake is a reservoir lake that covers a surface area of 57 km2 (22 mi2), has an average depth of 47 meters (154 feet), and reaches a maximum depth of 119 meters (391 feet). Trinity Lake boasts a total water volume of 3 km3 (2,135,421 acre-feet), and has a total shore line of 168 kilometers (105 miles). The lake, which sits at an elevation of 717 meters (2,353 feet), drains a whatershed that covers 1,789 km2 (691 mi2) and has a residence time of 744 days (2 years). Its main inflows are Trinity River, and the lake is drained by Trinity River. The most important settlement on the shores of Trinity Lake is Redding. Trinity Lake's dam was built in 1962 and has a height of 164 meters (539 feet).

Trinity Lake Fish Species

Rainbow trout
Brook trout
Smallmouth bass
Kokanee salmon
Largemouth bass