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Tulemalu Lake, Nunavut

lakeTulemalu Lake
surface area664 km2
average depth38 m
lake typeNatural
catchment area2,053 km2
altitude244 m
volume26 km3
shore length314 km
residence time22,912 days
average discharge13 m3 / sec.

Tulemalu Lake Information and Facts

Tulemalu Lake is a natural lake that covers a surface area of 664 km2 (257 mi2), has an average depth of 38 meters (125 feet). Tulemalu Lake boasts a total water volume of 26 km3 (20,317,304 acre-feet), and has a total shore line of 314 kilometers (196 miles). The lake, which sits at an elevation of 244 meters (801 feet), drains a whatershed that covers 2,053 km2 (793 mi2) and has a residence time of 22,912 days (63 years).