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Viluyskoe Reservoir, Russia

lakeViluyskoe Reservoir
surface area2,170 km2
maximum depth60 m
lake typeNatural, dammed
catchment area130,000 km2
volume36 km3
shore length3,450 km
mixing typeDimictic
frozenOctober to June
originHuman Made

Viluyskoe Reservoir Information and Facts

Viluyskoe Reservoir is a dimictic natural, dammed lake that covers a surface area of 2,170 km2 (838 mi2), and reaches a maximum depth of 60 meters (197 feet). Viluyskoe Reservoir boasts a total water volume of 36 km3 (29,104,633 acre-feet), and has a total shore line of 3,450 kilometers (2,144 miles). The lake drains a whatershed that covers 130,000 km2 (50,194 mi2).