Lakes in Ontario

6 Lakes in Ontario. Lakes on this page are displayed on the map.

Lake SuperiorUnited States,Canada

Lake Superior is the largest among the 5 North American Great Lakes, and the largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area. It is brimming with scenic places and national parks surround it, ... Read more

Lake HuronUnited States,Canada

Lake Huron is the world’s third largest freshwater lake by surface area, after Lake Superior and Lake Victoria. The lake is one of the 5 Great American Lakes and is located ... Read more

Lake ErieUnited States,Canada

Lake Erie, located on the border of the United States of America and Canada, is the tenth largest lake in the World. It is the southernmost of the Great American Lakes, and also ... Read more

Lake OntarioUnited States,Canada

Lake Ontario is one of the 5 Great Lakes in North America, along with Lake Superior, Michigan, Huron and Erie. The lake complex is an important part of North America’s ... Read more

Lake Nipigon is the largest lake lying entirely within the boundaries of Ontario Province, Canada. Because of its size it is often referred to as the sixth Great Lake of North ... Read more

Ralph Bice is a lake in Ontario, Canada, located approximately 200 kilometers North of Toronto and 230 kilometers West of Ottawa, in the Algonquin Provincial Park. ... Read more